Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Google tests removing underlined titles in search results and do them bigger

Here's how you can enable the experiment:

  • Go to Google.com and load your browser's developer console:
    • Google Chrome: Tools, Developer Tools
    • Mozilla Firefox: Web Developer, Web Console
    • Internet Explorer: Developer Tools (F12), Console
  • Copy and paste the following code:
    document.cookie="NID=67=Eco52F9msOgrnDstNuWJMgE-wUcUEtlUYQn3def8g3CzgBPYqFea-X14uPZgoTJkXdt94Z-8bsd47VxfFd219yDsiKchkM91iEh7BKOJlRB-9bTgXRhvkjo7IQ13SGUS; path=/; domain=.google.com";window.location.reload();
  • Press Enter and you'll see the experiment.

If doesn't work, try this other method:

  • Open Chrome and install this extension.
  • Go to Google.com and select "Edit Cookies" option on the context menu:
  • Find a cookie named NID and replace the value with this cookie value:
  • Click "Submit cookie changes" and refresh the page.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I prefer the results without underlined

  2. I just went through all my extensions trying to figure out why my google.com results were busted. I completely suspected malware on my computer (since some alter google results). Found this article, at least I know it's not malicious.

    I had two chrome's open on my PC, with different profiles; one with the old style, and one with the new. Very disconcerting. I'm not a big fan of the new layout. I can deal with no underlined links, but not with the larger titles. Makes things very clumsy and chunky. To each their own.

  3. how to remove this? i really don't like it

    1. Here a trick: http://allgoogletesting.blogspot.com/2014/03/how-to-remove-new-google-search-results-design.html

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